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One Prize

Smart Dock, One Lab Educational Facilities - New York, USA - August 2014

Team: Irene Cañada, Inés Idzikowski, Magdalena Polvorinos, Raquel Prendes

ONE Lab, a new school for design and science that will establish a collaborative teaching facility in a former shipyard in Brooklyn asked for ideas for the Smart Dock space which will be located inside the building.

The briefing required both fixed and flexible spaces to create a collaborative space for makers. Our proposal was inspired by the industrial atmosphere of the building. As the total surface demanded was larger than the available area we decided to work with the existing volume of the space. All the equipment is hung from the existing roof beams by pulley system creating a flexible ground floor that can be used for a wide range of activities. The fixed spaces are located in two beams built with the same steel system as the existing in the shipyard. The main beam has a rail system which generates a connection with the main space of the warehouse.